A Collection of Sound...
... by: Howard Seibert
Sound Design Collection
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The first stage of this project involved creating the overall ambient sounds.  This included the sound of the ship itself, as well as the background stingers for this level.  I also created the Alarm and voice announcements during this phase. 

Player Sounds and Game Objects

The second stage of this project involved creating all of the player sounds and game objects.  This included the footsteps and movement sounds, the two reactors, the door interactions, the force field leading to the MacGuffin Device and also the computers. The walk-through below highlights those sound design elements of this game level.

MacGuffin Device

When you pass the force field and enter the room where the alarm goes off, there is a huge device in the room called the MacGuffin Device.  I created 5 different sounds to use for this device in order to get the desired effect.   I made sure to create one ultra low frequency hum file in order to give the player a sense of the enormity of this object and it only triggers when the character gets close to the device. 

Final Mix

This is the final mix of this level.  This play-through combines all of the elements so you can see how they all fit together during game play.

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