A Collection of re-works...
... by: Howard Seibert

Cog in the Machine

By: Will Knox

This is a great song by Will Knox called Cog in the Machine.  I chose to use this song to demonstrate various mixing, editing and arranging variations that I am capable of.  The following is an excerpt from the original performance and mix...

Cog in the Machine (Original) - Will Knox
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This first variation is an excerpt form my mixed version which I attempted to match as closely to the original as possible....

Cog in the Machine (My mix) - Will Knox
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This second variation is my mix of a stem with the vocals removed.  this was extremely hard to do on a live recording.

Cog in the Machine (No Vocals) - Will Knox
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This third variation is a mix of the original with the percussion removed and a new drum track sync'd and created to match the tempo map of the song...

Cog in the Machine (New Drums) - Will Knox
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This fourth variation is a remix using Rewire from Ableton, connected through Pro Tools...

Cog in the Machine (Remix) - Will Knox
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