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Project Design Brief

This was a project for a failing call center called Tellotech that needed to identify deficiencies and improve production quickly and effectively.  The process involved doing a needs assessment and generating training aids and materials as well as an eLearning training solution.

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AZ Capitol Virtual Tour

This project consists of a virtual tour of the Arizona State Capitol application, an infographic, and a walkthrough of functionality and overview of design.  The product was created for 4th graders who could not physically take a field trip to the destination.

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U.S. Army D.A.T.E. Training

This was a short, 60 second instructional video I created to relay information on U.S. Army D.A.T.E. training.  It is a video with a follow-up quiz to evaluate information retention.

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Catch or Release

This is a gamification of a skillset we teach at my course.  The purpose was to design a game that would engage students and meet learning objectives.  The first part was designing a storyboard and creating an outline of what the game entailed.  The final was putting it all together with a video walkthrough of how the game is played.  I hope you enjoy!